Having a kid is a blessing and for new parents, it is a joyful time and a stressful time at the same time. Since we humans consider the stressful time more and that is why some parents do not want to become parents because they think that will become bad parents.

Not that they will be bad but the fact is that they think that they cannot take care of their kid. It is not that hard but new parents get agitated when they hear a kid crying for hours and they don’t know what is the matter.

That is very much normal and if you are about to become a new parent and you don’t know much about kids, then we suggest that you read some our amazing facts on kids. It might not help the kid to stop crying but it will make your mood happy as well, so keep reading;

Nursery: the most famous nursery for kids in the world is a nursery near Al barsha.

Nursery in Dubai: you will be shocked to know that parents from all over the world prefer to get their kids enrolled in nurseries in Dubai.

Wordsmith: kids at small age can become a wordsmith and that is why we see tiny kids at the spelling bee competition. And the health experts say that the at age of 6, a small kid at an average can learn at least 13,000 words and when he or she becomes an adult, they learn at least 60,000 words on average.

Colorful world: when babies are born, they only see black and white world. And when they grow up, they start to see colors.

Bullying is bad: the world is getting more and more cautions on the issue of depression and suicide and now schools and nurseries have started to participate as well. because a huge number of depressed people say that they have been feeling this way since they were small kids because they were bullied at school.Music makes kids intelligent: music is important in kids life too and if a small kid learns or gets interested in any instrument at an early age, they will show signs of great math skills, hand and eye coordination and attention span as well

Wednesday, Jul 24, 2024