Lingerie and nightwear in cool crisp cotton

Lingerie and nightwear was conventionally manufactured from cool crisp cotton, way before the invention of the modern silk or poly satin fabrics that are much popular today. Cotton is a natural material that is breathable and comfortable to wear all year round and so it is still used extensively for nightwear and lingerie even today. Vintage long nightgowns and full length slips look impressive in crisp cool cotton especially when made from the lingerie lovers’ favorite color, white.

Dazzling pure white cotton looks extremely feminine. When it is trimmed with pretty satin ribbons or even contrasting delicate lace around them, it looks even more cool and crisp against the body. Moreover, it has a timeless romantic appeal that no other lingerie or nightwear fabric shares. The modern blend of poly cottons provide even fresher cool and crisp, easy to care for and without the need for ironing. Underwear and nightwear made from this type of cotton look phenomenal every time you take it out of the lingerie drawer, no matter how often you have washed it.

Many lingerie and nightwear suppliers understand the attraction of these beautiful fabrics for lingerie devotees. They manufacture the best items to ensure the cool crisp cotton feel against the skin remains as suitable as it is especially when designing pretty feminine slips, camisoles and cotton panties. Old fashioned full cotton petticoats and bridal petticoats are even popular today, hence readily available in pretty feminine styles if you know where to find them online.

Many nightwear and lingerie enthusiasts search for nightwear online in UAE mostly for a cool cotton slip of full length nightgown. Some look for a gown sliding over every inch of skin to be worn over other pretty feminine items of lingerie in the same fabulous fabric. The demand for a beautiful delicate lacy suspender belt trimmed with satin ribbon with matching cool crisp cotton French knickers is never going to fade. Often adding a camisole to it makes the perfect lingerie ensemble to wear under a pure white cotton slip. The sensation of all these layers of striking material moving over the body are what makes these fabrics so desirable with lovers of all pretty and feminine choices.

Therefore, when you are doing your next sleepwear online shopping remember to opt for femininity with comfort and practicality by choosing the cool crisp cotton lingerie.

Pac Milano

Dubai, UAE

Sunday, Sep 19, 2021