People of Dubai has a great chance to enjoy their weekends in different fun filled activities but people other than then can also enjoy there weekend in Dubai too. They can go there for their vacations and enjoy all those things that people of Dubai can enjoy. You can go there to enjoy the luxurious desert safari Dubai tour. There are many things which you can enjoy and some of them you can see below:

Bonfire at camp: When you go for overnight safari then you will get the chance to enjoy sitting around the bonfire outside your camp. Your travelling company will provide you all the things necessary for the bonfire and they will also lit that up for you. You can then sit around that and then sing songs or share stories, you can also have random gossips with strangers there who are travelling with you and in this way you can make new friends.

Entertainment: You can have different types of entertainments there like you will have the chance to see the typical belly dancing of Arabs and also you can see the fire show of the experts. In the fire show experts will have combustive liquid in their mouth and then they will take a wooden stick with fire and throw liquid on that. They will throw it with a precise timing and amount so that the fire will go far. It will look simple but in reality it is a very difficult and dangerous thing to do so you do not have to try that. It needs practice and experience to do this trick without harming yourself and others.

Dress code: There is no specific dress code to go in the desert but you have to dress up modestly and according to the weather. If you wear too warm clothes then you might feel hot during travelling but when you are going for the overnight safari then you have to take some warm clothes with you because nights in the desert are very cold even in the summer. It is due to the fact that sand becomes cold very quickly so you should have some warm clothes especially when you are going with kids. Another thing is that you should not wear expensive jewelry when you are travelling for long distance as it may be dangerous for you. Visit for more details in this regard.

Pac Milano

Dubai, UAE

Thursday, Aug 5, 2021