Corporate gifting means that a company is giving away gifts to the employees to show appreciation that they have done marvelous work or they have done good towards their company. Corporate gifting is not limited towards the employees but it is also done when the company is meeting with different clients who are about to give huge profit to the company. Or any other party like that who is benefiting the company in any other way like the company and the client might be making a huge contract that will be benefiting both of them. So, to make connections, they gift each other with different things.

But choosing a gift for an employee can be easy but choosing a gift for a client can be difficult. Because you know what your client needs or wants at some extent or what is their nature. One way or the other, employees who receive a gift gets happy like clown. But you don’t know the expectations and nature of the client and don’t know what they may like and what they don’t. The CEO can only hope that the gift may not remind the client of a bad experience in the past which can lead to bad impressions or the worst, the end of the deal or contract. This can be any CEO’s nightmare or a bad short story.

Some people have the nature of feeling ashamed when they accept expensive gifts and doing something for someone without anything can become confusing at times. So, the purchaser needs to make sure that the gift may not seem very cringy and raises many questions as well. In this case, you also need to see that what is the relation of your client with you. If you are frank with each other maybe you can gift them a nice pack of cigars and if you not you can simply gift them a nice watch. If the client is old, you can gift him/her anything and they will like it for old times sake but you cannot do the same thing for the client which you have just met.

And you certainly don’t want to pick a bunch of flowers which may cause the client to sneeze all the way. So, if you are in UAE and want be sure of everything, hire a corporate gifts supplier in Dubai and tell them each detail of the client and they will hopefully understand what he/she might like and. Also, you can hire any online florist in UAE to deliver them anytime and anywhere.

Pac Milano

Dubai, UAE

Friday, Apr 16, 2021