Stationery is an inseparable part of all of our lives where every day we use at least one pen or eraser to sign off documents, but the case is even complex for students. Their day starts with preparing their stationery box and ends on looking for the lost pencil sharpeners and little delicate pieces bought from school stationery shops in Dubai. This fancy stationery is a lot more than you realize for the students because their lives seem to revolve around it.

The reason behind stationery being so important is that it is the basic learning tool for students who jot down their daily notes, draw diagrams or perform arts and craft, and most importantly take tests. A single wrong marked MCQ or a dully erased answer can put their marks in jeopardy and this is what matters the most at this stage of life. Other than that projects and assignments are an important part of school course and their design is what matters the most in these cases. From titles pages to presenting charts everything is prepared with help of stationery.

Some of the basic list of things that everyday pencil box contains are following:

  • Pencil and pen. It is the single most basic tool needed for each of the student ranging from Montessori to higher level. One can’t survive without sharpening pencil and wasting half class behind it.
  • Erasers. They are a very essential part of all of our lives as they give us second chance to erase our mistakes. These days eraser is found in all sorts of shapes and sizes to remove different marks. To remove pencil mark simple rubber eraser is used while a duster helps in getting rid of chalk and marker stains.
  • Sharpener. The next most important tool which helps in maintaining the accuracy of work and helping it look clean and tidy. Sharpeners are widely used for maintaining the tip of the pencils.
  • Notebook. When you don’t own a cute little notebook, what’s the use of other writing and erasing material? These days there is a huge variety of notebooks available out there which are mesmerizing to look at and work in.

There are so many other things which library resources for schools suggest for an ordinary box but the above list is for the general idea.

Saturday, Jan 28, 2023