You must be so excited about having a fun Dubai ladies night Monday with your besties and having the time of your lives. Not to burst your bubble but there are a little some things which you are not exactly aware of. Keep on reading to find them out but just know that these shouldn’t lessen your fun.

  • Ladies are just a bait

If you think you are the centre of attention of the whole ladies night then you could be absolutely right because this is just a trick to drive more customers to the bars. Have you ever wondered why there is never a men’s night? The reason behind this is that ladies night would bring gangs of ladies to the bar which in return would drag men to it.

  • It’s a marketing strategy

Ladies’ night would mean rows of pretty girls out there which would attract men. They will be there and pay for the drinks which have been offered off for ladies but men will have to pay full for it. Everyone will look for an open fling and everyone will benefit from it. Bar stays full even on weekdays and it’s a win-win situation for everyone who attends.

  • Men’s night isn’t available because it never worked out

Imagine a club offering men’s night and all of them coming over to bag on free beers. It’s unimaginable because the bar would be full and actually in loss when they have to cut down on drinks unless it was by corporate event management Dubai where the bar has been booked in advance. Also, ladies’ night emerged from Harvard-esque club where only members were allowed but ladies could enter for free with complimentary drinks. Men would just wait around to escort them to the bar and pay for their orders in exchange of a fling.

  • It’s only hard hitting cocktails that are on offer

Well, you are a girl and colourful drinks would obviously attract you. But what happens when you are drunk in just two of them? Let us lay it out for you. You order a pretty looking pink and blue cocktail for the ladies which is mostly full of sugary syrups and vodka which hit you hard. You get drunk quickly and are no longer capable of ordering more. This makes up for the best ladies night where bars benefit from it.

Pac Milano

Dubai, UAE

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022