Have you ever wondered that why despite having extra space such as storage space Dubai your unit still remains cluttered all the time? Well this must be because you are not storing things correctly the way they are supposed to. You could be making mistakes that you don’t even give a double thought to. In the long run, these minor mistakes that remain unnoticed can go a long way in terms of cluttering up your personal and storage space. And this is why here we have compiled a few mistakes that must be cluttering your space:

  • Yard tools

Yes they are one of those things which you must have put aside thinking that you rarely need them or you must have kept them right in front of storage unit so that whenever you need it, you will be able to grab them and go. Well, this is the biggest mistake as letting things spread across the unit is only going to consume more space when the same material could be hung up on the wall and floor space could be left empty.

  • Sports equipments

People usually opt for storage units so that they can store their seasonal things in it and sports equipment is one of those things. But something which you are doing wrong with storing sports equipment is that you must keep them on the floor like skateboards and balls etc. They can pose a huge threat to anyone who is unaware of what is laying around. The same trick as yard tools can be used. You can either add shelving or racks to store such equipments.

  • Junk

You may not realize this but storage companies Dubai tell that most of things that your unit will have would be the junk that you will never be using again yet people hold on to them for some obnoxious reason. This could be anything ranging from old kitchen cutlery to huge appliances that should have been out of the place long time ago. Here is a list of few of those ridiculous things:

  • A fridge or a huge appliance that you replace years ago yet the old one still resides.
  • Treadmill which you thought you will use in a few days but now seems to be covered in dust.
  • Donation boxes which haven’t reached the donation house yet but take up space.
Friday, Feb 23, 2024