Handling a newborn infant is quite tricky as well as challenging for a mother especially if it is her first child. This is because new responsibilities always seem to be quite difficult in the start but later on, the mother gets used to it. Another reason of this tough experience is that the newborn infant is quite sensitive and demand especial care. Some mothers also hire a home nurse Dubai to get a little relaxation and on the other hand these professional nurses also guide the new mothers about the correct tips and techniques to handle a newborn infant.

In this article we will talk about the tips and precautions which should be focused during a baby massage. Massage is one of the most essential part of a newborn’s routines as it is very good for the health and it is quite soothing as well as comforting for the baby. Baby massage Dubai is quite common as most of the mothers want to have a professional massage for their baby. 

Be cautious in choosing oils

Most of the mothers are unaware about the correct type of oil for their baby’s massage. This could lead to several allergies and other problems if the baby is sensitive or allergic to certain compounds. To avoid this kind of situation the mothers should go for branded oil which is specified for the baby’s skin. Secondly she should do a patch test to check that whether that oil is okay for the baby’s skin or not. It is usually recommended to avoid essential oils as they are comparatively strong and harmful for the babies. On the other hand odorless oils are usually preferred like jojoba oil or grape seed oil.

Be gentle to your baby

It is usually recommended to have the permission of your baby before starting the massage. You can do this by applying little oil and massaging around the navel, while doing this, check your baby’s expression that whether he is comfortable or not. On the other hand you can also play and sing with your baby so that he would feel happy while the entire massage. Secondly make sure that you are not applying excessive pressure on your baby’s body as the baby is quite sensitive and weak. The touch should be gentle and you should massage your baby for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Wednesday, Jul 24, 2024