Employees are the heart of a business. There are some businesses that need next to no employees but at some point, they need a good amount of staff. We have seen many cases where people started their company from very small and even the employees compromised with them and now, they are standing at the highest levels of business.

The fact is that finding loyal and trust worthy employees are very difficult. Find more info about how to treat your staff greatly. Some companies do off and on staff engagement survey to make sure that their employees are happy in the company.

There was a time when the employees were treated badly and there was no check and balance but now, the employees are aware of their rights and they know how to get respect as well.

This is a nice thing because in the past, we have seen many men and women working under horrible bosses for years but now, times have changed. However, there are some employees who take advantage of their rights. We have seen many cases where a woman or man has filed fake harassment case and they actually won some money and some come to smaller companies to get trained and when they understand each and everything, either they leave the company for a bigger company or they simply open their own.

Progressing is good but leaving the company in this way is called disloyalty. There are some companies who do contract and if you break the contract, they can sue legally. And that is why there are different training courses for employees.

If you want the best for your company then it is suggested that you do best for your employees first and following are the ways to keep them engaged with your company, keep reading to know more

Teach them new things:

Don’t teach them everything all of a sudden. Make a quarterly or a yearly plan where you have mentioned that the employee will be taught this and that training and they will have excitement and they will wait for it.

Give them the authority:

When you have given the trainings and there are some new employees who need the training then make the old employees the trainers. They will feel that they have become a higher in authority and they will feel good about their jobs.

Pac Milano

Dubai, UAE

Sunday, Dec 4, 2022