Psychiatrists are unlike normal doctors. They have done specialization in mental health. They not only do a medical degree and 2 years of general medical training at a hospital, but they spend 5 more years of their life in the specialization period. They become a psychiatrist after working 5 years as a psychiatrist trainee that too under the supervisory of RANZCP.  They work in a different way than regular doctors. They don’t ask for several laboratory tests or ultra sound. They diagnose the illness by having a questions and answers session where they ask several questions to the patient and on the basis of the patient’s answers they diagnose the illness and start the treatment.

The psychiatrists treat their patients by different ways; either they opt for medications or different therapies. They inform the patients about the cost, side effects and the other requirements of the treatment and then ask their patients and do whatever the patient thinks is suitable for him and his pocket. They are really hard working people and stay involved with the patients during the treatment period. They keep a check on their patients and motivate them always to stay on the track and tell them to never quit. They keep on taking the questions and answer sessions so they can know about the improvements happening in the person. This helps them in the future treatment of the patient. 

There are many German psychiatrists in Dubai who are amazing at their work due to their experience and knowledge. They have helped a number of patients with their mental health and have helped them lead a normal life like other people. These psychiatrists are famous all over the world and people from different countries come to Dubai to get them treated by these amazing doctors.

OCD in Dubai has become really common and many people are found to be diagnosed with it. There are many psychiatrists who treat such patients with the help of different kinds of medications and therapies and help them live a normal life. It is absolutely normal to have mental illnesses in this modern world and people need to understand that there is no shame in going to a psychiatrist and getting yourself checked. They are just like normal doctors and they treat you just like normal people so we should never be ashamed to visit them.

Pac Milano

Dubai, UAE

Saturday, Oct 31, 2020