Going for a staycation would mean that you can have a time for yourself even without going out of town. But some individuals are becoming too hesitant over going for a hotel staycation since they think that the activities are limited and it will be a waste of their time and money.


But on the contrary, there are a number of things that you can do while you are spending time on your own in your polo hotel in Dubai:


  1. Get us much snooze as you want


It might be true that you can sleep in your own room for as long as you want. But sleeping a great deal of hours in a hotel room is different. Snoozing in a hotel room would give you a sense that you are in a vacation. You don’t have to hurry to get up and prepare for school or for work. You can simply order for a breakfast in bed and enjoy the rest of the morning relaxing and savoring your time while you are in staycation.


  1. Take a relaxing dip


It is not every day that you can take a relaxing dip in a pool, unless you own one in your home. If the former is the case, then take this opportunity to take advantage of the pool and swim your heart out. If you are not that into swimming, you can stay by the pool side and get as much Vitamin D and an amazing tan. You may also want to pass the time by reading a good book.


  1. Try out other activities


Some people think that when they are having a staycation, the only thing that they can do is stay inside their hotel rooms and waste the whole day watching TV. You can do that but you can also try to experience services that your hotel can offer. There are hotels with horse riding services that can provide you with the best horse-riding experience that is one of the books.



  1. Pamper yourself


When you are in staycation mode, it is time for you to pamper yourself. Be sure to go for some pampering activities like going to the spa and having your nails done. You might also want to try out to satisfy your cravings for a new food and dishes. Make time to go out and try out new restaurants in the block.

Saturday, Jan 28, 2023