Although we have detailed information about all that entails gymnastics, but we should also know about the exercises which are involved in gymnastic. Gymnastic requires extreme as most are fairly familiar already, gymnastics requires extreme skills of bending and twisting. In gymnastic here are several exercises involved and every exercise ahs its own benefits. You have to do different gymnastic exercises to achieve your goals. These several exercises will help you in growing your body skills. Boys have different exercises and girls have different exercises in gymnastic.  Gymnastics girls’ school in Dubai provides many types of gymnastic classes but in these schools rhythmic gymnastics classes are getting popular amidst girls. And mostly girls are doing rhythmic gymnastics. Which is very interesting? Now we are going to give you some essential gymnastic exercises that you can do to make your body more agile, mobile and flexible. These exercises will improve your strength , will make you strong and help in injuries and will also help you to get better balance.

1. Leg Stretch

Well it is very simple exercise there is no need to jump. This leg stretch is a different from touching and standing you toes, if you are looking to improve your mobility which is require some effort. This mobility will help you to prepare your body for workouts and for other exercises, for sports and for cross fit.

How to perform this exercise:

When you are standing spate you both feet little bit shoulder width. Then use the same side hand which is reaching to your foot and if you are touching the right foot it should be your right side hand. Lean to other side and touch your foot, extend the opposite arm over your head. Well it is very difficult to maintain your legs, but you should try your best. It is best to do for 10 to 15 seconds.

2. Kneeling Rockers

This is very good way to warm you up with this exercise. In this exercise your feet is involve in kneeling rockers. This gives mobility, flexion and help in decreasing stretches. it helps you prevent from accident like rolling your ankle. Let’s know that how to do this exercise.

How to perform this exercise:

You have to sit on the ground with legs underneath you. And top of the feet flat against the floor. You have to position like your feet are unearthing under your butt. Then whole the ground on either side of you for pushes and balances your hips while using the legs. This will help in test ankle resistance.

Friday, Feb 23, 2024